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Which is the Best Artificial Leather?
Mar 07 , 2023
PVC leather is a kind of leather that is made from the leftover trimmings after the original leather is made into a finished product, and it is pressed into the leather again after churning it with a machine. pvc leather is the early polyvinyl chloride leather, which has poor performance and is not environmentally friendly. pvc leather is affordable, waterproof and scratch resistant, but the disadvantage is that it has a plastic smell and feels hard, and it is sensitive to temperature, and it will become soft if the temperature is high and hard if it is cold.
PU leather is mainly made of high elasticity fiber compound, which has similar characteristics of genuine leather. pu leather is soft, breathable and environmentally friendly, and is preferred for leather clothes, but the price is more expensive than pvc leather. pu leather has excellent wear resistance and fastness to folding, which is comparable to natural leather. Secondly, its elongation is moderate, and its leather feels good. Tear strength and peel strength are high (wear resistance, tear strength, high tensile strength). pu leather belongs to recycled leather, feel softer than real leather like, has strong flexibility, is a high-grade leather in synthetic leather, belongs to the new type of leather. There will not be any pollution from production to use, and the environmental performance is superior.

Therefore, PU leather is the best artificial leather.

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