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What is Pure Leather?
Aug 22 , 2022
Pure leather mainly refers to synthetic products. Most pure leather is made of PVC and Pu instead of processed cowhide or sheepskin. Of course, there are also some innovative products based on natural materials, such as leather made from cork, bark, Pineapple leaves or apple skins. Manufacturers of high-quality pure leather believe that most pure leather looks exactly like the real one, but they will not be as perfect as animal leather over time.

Why is pure leather increasingly popular? This is because environmentally conscious consumers are not only worried about food, but also about food, clothing, housing and transportation. To get a substitute that is almost the same as animal leather products, so as to avoid causing animal pain, which has a strong attraction to people. At present, some companies have begun to avoid using animal skins to make various products, and Tesla will even launch a "completely vegetarian" car. They all choose synthetic and natural materials to make leather.

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